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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Warmth and Goldfish

Finally the sun has returned to reveal nice weather for this country's birthday! Happy Canada Day world.
The kids and I caught more goldfish from the pond and put them into a small tank in the house. They are starting to show some colors which is nice to see. And certainly we have no need of hundreds of fish in our pond. As far as urban ponds go it's a good size but not so large that it needs to be teaming. Already the warm weather is bringing out the hair algae. But I know the water is still good because we have swarms of damselflies and skeeter bugs. And to top off knowing the pond is a healthy ecosystem we startled a frog from where it was resting in the rushes.
We finished up our Canada Day Lapbooks from www.homeschoolshare.com which we added to with a map of Canada that had the provinces labelled and a local coloring page about our lock system. We also use some rubber stamps that were of things we would find in Canada to jazz them up a bit. Both kids were pretty happy with the results.
DH is working today but we are all looking forward to going to the firework celebration later :)

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