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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Daytripping Again -Northern Style.

Not feeling entirely like yanking out the giant canoe we still wanted to have some water fun. The other year geocaching we found this great spot on Lake Huron where names were carved into the rocky outcroppings dating back to the 1940's! When we went last year there were numerous types of native berries bearing fruit which was a yummy treat. So we piled into the truck with all the gear we needed and away we went. It's about an hour to get there from here but worth it. A lone dock juts out into the water and not a soul in sight other then one water boarder. Which incidently was pretty cool to see someone braving the deep standing on nothing more then a board.
The kids had picked up an inflatable boat for cheap at Walmart and so it was inflated and tethered-we didn't want to swim out to rescue them should they get swept away with the current. Although the weather was warm, the water was like ice. My feet actually turned red after being submerged for less than a minute. And yes that's my girly pink fishing rod in the picture above. The kids dubbed the boat 'the Phoenix'-they like their myths.

So after getting the knack of the oars to direct them around they started to argue over who got to 'captain' the boat. Seems like the kids just like to bicker a lot lately. I am hoping it's a phase. So out popped my son in a huff and my daughter decided to drift around while he attempted to swim in the icy water.

We wandered the rocks to find some blueberries ripening. There's nothing quite like a wild blueberry so tiny and sweet. After we all had our fill of the sun we jetted off to the pick your own raspberry farm for some very HOT picking. The berries were thickly hanging on the plants this year. Such a strange sight to see people still picking strawberries when the raspberries and blueberries are coming on.

Be sure to tune in to our next article about 'Walking Down the Jammy Lane.'

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