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Friday, August 8, 2014

For Better or Worse.

I am coming to the conclusion I can't stop it's in my gene's. I grew up with a pair of do it yourselfers and married one too. I am going to be honest here when I moved out as a younger person I would skip school to rearrange and redecorate my apartment.  I think I probably should have been listening to that and become a interior designer or something. Well fast forward a long way or rather a few short, very , very brief years to now. We've been living in our home for ten years and I can't stop. Something is always in a state of half finished or I am spending my time daydreaming about what I want to work on next. So while the cat's away....my hubby is working out of town currently. I broke out the paint.

 I decided I was tired  of looking at my 1980's oak cabinet's. You know the kind with the overly dark wood grain. So out came the Benjamin Moore folks and I enlisted my helpful minions aka my wonderful children. I bit the bullet as they say. With their help..well mostly my son's, my daughter is more of a hands off type..we removed the hardware. That was no small feat as I am not a fan of using screwdrivers. Then I set to work painting. Two coats of white, alkyd paint on everything.

 The next part was scary. I looked at the pristine white doors and pondered should I take that next step. I am either going to love it or hate it. I opened the brown paint and got my rag. Dipping the rag I ran around the doors willy nilly. And voila. Ugh...the white doors! That was my initial reaction. I was thinking perhaps I should just repaint them all white. I mean I bought two gallons of paint and only  used one. But it took so much work to do in the first place. I really didn't want to. So I let them dry and mounted them. I am now adjusting.

 Our counter top needs replacing so I don't have the full effect just yet. I did paint the walls a light green, a shade lighter then our dining room wainscot. It looks fresher, lighter and more relaxed. But I am not sure whether I love it or hate it. That's the woes of big jobs. Sometimes you do something irreversible like painting cabinetry and it's a bomb. Other times it works out in your favor. Either way I know with my genetic do it yourself gene I will likely be changing it in another few years anyway. So for now I think I will adjust and hope my hubby likes it more than my daughter does. She pulls no punches that one. "Mom I don't like it". "Well thanks for your honesty." But maybe next time wait until Mommy has cleaned the paint off her face." Sigh.

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