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Friday, August 15, 2014

Homeschoolers Are From Earth! Really!

You know as I sit here erasing and rewriting what I wanted to say. I realize it's been said before. The endless questions we are faced with as homeschoolers when one discovers we choose homeschool. It's astounding to me that people and by people I mean everyday folk, feel it's okay to question our choices.

I realize homeschooling is novel to some. I realize maybe some people have got questions. What I wish they would realize is that I am out living my life and that questions no matter how well meaning are invasive.

I would never think to walk up to a stranger or their children and ask them random questions about their personal choices. "So like why are you choosing THAT shampoo?"

I can hope that with the rise of homeschooling in Canada and throughout North America people would realize we are all the same.

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