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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Not All Tea and Crumpets. Weekly Recap.

This was our first week back. Let me start by saying it definitely did NOT go as to plan. 

Day one: Monday was a smashing success. How could it not be with wrapped school supplies waiting for the kids. Followed by an art class that ran incredibly long. Instead of being an hour and half it took until 2 in the afternoon. By the time we came home I realized it was pointless to do any other learning. Thankfully our fun book order was waiting for us.

Day two: What a nightmare! Trying to get the kids back into the book routine and fighting their antics for most of the day. Both ended up with homework. Which translated into a miserable evening of complaining. Boy was I happy to see the end of Tuesday!

Day three: I woke up ill. I tried getting up to see if I could push through the weakness I was feeling. But after finding myself standing in the kitchen staring blankly at things for five minutes I decided to give up. I went to bed. The kids were utter angels all day. Gee I think it had to do with the fact that they didn't have book work. Hmm.

Day four: Home Ec rules supremes. Frosting cupcakes and hosting a tea party for a farewell to friends. We made frozen grapes, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, and lemonade. We cleaned and tidied before the guests arrived. And of course everyone had fun eating and playing all afternoon. 

Day five: Which is tomorrow. I am scheduled to go and discuss upcoming art projects with the kids instructor. I have so many ideas. I need to pare it down a bit. The kids are also required to finish any unfinished school work. Believe it or not they do like to procrastinate. 

It's been a challenging week overall. It definitely did NOT go according to plan but I am learning on this journey that that's okay. Learning to let go of the control isn't always easy. It would seem like this year is going to full ups and downs. My biggest goal will be to get my daughter to actually do her classwork/homework on time. 

Be sure to tune in next week for a recap of week two!

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