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Sunday, August 17, 2014

How To Enhance Your Learning Environment One Element At A Time `Part Two

While working in our classroom I find it imperative that my kids have some stimulation. After all year after year my kids are in the same general area of our home learning. They need to have a changing landscape to keep them from become bored by their surroundings. That's why I look for engaging ideas to add in to our school year.

One of these ideas has evolved over the past six years into what it is today. If you have spent any amount of time online I am sure you have run into many quotations that give you pause to think. Quotes are meant to inspire, encourage, and stimulate deeper philosophical thinking.

I used them originally as little printed signs around the classroom. I found the kids reading and questioning what they read. Making them think deeper. It was great except for the fact that is was using up a lot of paper and ink.

So along came my new idea. A small decorative whiteboard I picked up at a bargain store locally. Each day or week, I like to do it daily, the quote can be changed out for a new one.

Our inspirational quotation board is the first thing the kids see when they enter our classroom each day for lessons.

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