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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reclaiming Your Classroom Space.

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Tomorrow is our first day back to classes. I have been working over time to reclaim the classroom from the mess it had become. You may recall my earlier post about the mess 'Classroom Devastation.'

Well even if you didn't read the post I would like to take you on a virtual tour through ours!

This is my teacher nook. It's meant to be where I sit and mark work etc..it's also a snuggle corner. Half the time the kids just want to get a hug and hang out. I have the 'Homeworkopoly' board on the wall opposite. Note the ridiculous sized bookshelf? We made it last summer its 14 feet long. Hard to fill it up...well not really. It's actually hard to find decent bookends. Seems they are all made to be cute and not very functional. Which means...toss em and get more books!

This is the kids desk area. Each desk has history. My father crafted them years ago for a man here in town who ran a barbershop. Over the years he made several pieces for the man who just passed this past year. He actually left a note saying that my father's family could have the pieces back from his estate if we wanted. I love the story. I love the look of them. It worked out that they also matched my old sideboard where we have a stereo set up for class cd's.

One of the biggest issues I have had with making our space really functional is the storage of binders. I tried bookends...well you can fill in how well that worked. So this year we invested in some prefab cubbies. The kids and I put them together it makes everything look so tidy. I wonder how many hours before that changes?

So one the wall opposing the kids desks I splurged on a bigger whiteboard. I still have the other two smaller ones for assignments and practice work. However I found writing long answers or notes on small boards was just to irritating. Below the board is a shelf I got free at the end of someones driveway the other year. Yes I love to be frugal too. I painted it white and the kids have all the soft covered workbooks in it. To the left of the whiteboard I purchased a world map that is adhesive. So fun that it's also dry erase. I can see it's going to be very functional during geography class. Above and below I laminated a couple of posters.

Our classroom is actually our finished basement. So underneath the stairs in a door to a junk hole cubby...well that's what I refer to it as. Hubby has a bunch of tools and other 'goodies' parked in there. The other door if you can read my french sign is the downstairs washroom. I have a french poster I made up to help with two irregular verbs and a wall chart opposite to show the kids the order of the classes for the days.

We have a classroom pet guinea pig but he's very unphotogenic and doesn't sit long enough to be photographed. Also our computer area was in a bit of disarray as it also homes our record player for classical music studies. All in all I am looking forward to tomorrow and the first day back to school for all of us!

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