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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Overwhelmed Before the School Year Begins?

Well here it is August and I know I have to organize the classroom. I also have to find a viable planner to lay out all our school lesson plans at least by the month so I don't end up with it as a weekly chore. No pressure...but if that wasn't enough to keep me busy I also am planning on having two events per month set up for our local homeschool group which I started the other year.

Thankfully I just met a wonderful woman who runs a local arts and crafts store who has connections throughout the city. Which is going to be immensely helpful in relieving me of finding a lot of contacts from scratch. Yay! The kids have signed up for a new club that is starting in the fall on Friday nights called Quest Kids Club. They also have Friday swim classes coming up. My plan is to make Friday mornings all about finishing our weekday lessons that weren't completed and then the rest of the day will be classes.

To further add to my plate I just started up with my Regal business again. I want to get back to the gym three times a week although I am not sure how that's going to be squeezed in. And well it just generally is starting to feel overwhelming.

What do you do to make that feeling less scary? How do you control the voice in your head that is telling you it's too much?

Well for me I think I am just going to have to realize that it all doesn't have to happen overnight. After all Rome wasn't built in a day. And with homeschooling I have to realize that you can't make IT happen all the time when you like. Being able to roll with the changes to our schedules and lives is part of it. Being able to say it's okay I didn't accomplish a, b, or even c today, but there is always tomorrow and that's alright.

Feelings of being overwhelmed are just that feelings. Take a deep breath, remember to breathe, and start on something to move in the right direction of where you want to be.

So tomorrow is a new day and new tasks shall be accomplished.

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