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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Trees Have Hearts

Recently I was given the opportunity to read and review The Trees Have Hearts by Mrs.D. It should be noted now that Mrs.D's native tongue is not English. Upon eagerly scanning the contents I was immediately stuck by the large, beautiful images throughout. 

Since no good review of a children's book can be written without a child's input I asked my two to sit and listen as I read it to them. My kids love stories and were very happy to oblige.

As we started reading I was first struck at the abundance of figurative language. The book is steeped in it. It almost came off heavy handed as we began. However as we read further into the story though I quickly discovered that this was the writers style and it was indeed clever. The imagery the author uses allows the reader/audience to develop a stronger imaginative view of the characters in the story. 

The Trees Have Hearts has won the Mom's Choice Award and for good reason. The story is endearing and entertaining. In it she weaves a tale of a little girl and her relationship to the three trees in her yard. Indeed it had my kids laughing at spots and awing in others. Good storytelling draws the reader in. We were sunk into this book from start to finish wanting to know what happened next. It's a great coming of age story for younger children.

For more information about this great book by Mrs.D or other works by this author:

Note: If you are an author of children's books or young adult novels I would be happy to review them for you. 

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